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So You Want to Visit Cold Bay…

Some of you might be wondering what to do when you visit Cold Bay. Although it is a small town, it has much to offer and visitors never leave disappointed. It is a haven for the avid fisherman and waterfowl hunters. Fisherman and hunters travel from near and far to make the journey to Cold Bay. 

There are many experienced fishing and hunting guides that can take you out to places like you have never fished or hunted before. If you don’t fish or hunt, there is plenty to do to keep you busy. Aside from the amazing and overwhelming beauty that is Alaska, Cold Bay is known for the traditional salmon derby in the fall, the Izembek refuge, and home-cooked meals. 

Cold Bay is truly a diamond in the rough of the Alaskan wilderness. 

If you come during the fall, around Labor Day Weekend, you can visit or even partake in the traditional Salmon Derby. You can go explore the wildlife and the beauty at the Izembek wildlife refuge. Since it is such a small town you might be wondering where to stay in Cold Bay, look no further!

Not only do we offer accommodations for up to 40 people, but our lodge offers home-cooked meals that travelers rave about. The love and warmth that goes into creating the food make people feel like they are back at their Grandma’s house. Since this is one of the only restaurants in Cold Bay, we are open for dinner to everyone who would like to join. 


Alaskan brown bear sow and cub


Silver Salmon lined up on dock after a day of fishing


Black Brant Goose