Silver Salmon Derby

Competitive Fishing, Russel Creek

The Silver Salmon Derby at Russel Creek in Cold Bay is one of the best-kept secrets around. In the fall, the salmonberries stake their claim on the river banks bringing fishing to its peak once more. 

The Salmon Derby has two different competitions; rafting and fishing. 

The rafting competition consists of participants making their own boats and oars then paddling their way to the finish line. This is a guaranteed good time, watching the homemade boats glide through the water, and of course and even better time watching the boats that don’t! 

The more serious competition is regarding the Silver Salmon. It’s a competition to catch the largest fish. Whoever catches the largest fish, gets a monetary prize. While it is a competition, all fishers are willing to lend a hand and help one another out. Come on out to have a good time and experience some amazing fishing!

The Silver Salmon Derby starts and ends on Labor Day weekend and is exclusively for Russel Creek, which happens to be the biggest of the three fishable creeks that run within thirty minutes of the town. The other two creeks are Trout Creek and Frosty Creek.  

Win or lose, it’s all for a good cause as the proceeds from the Silver Salmon Derby go toward the Cold Bay Medical Clinic. 

Bill Martin, owner of Cold Bay Lodge fishing after a hard days work.

Fishing for Pleasure

If you feel like there is no hope to win the tournament at Russel Creek, making a quick drive to Trout Creek will likely prove productive and less crowded.

If you are up for solitude, driving into the mountains behind the town is Frosty Creek. The creek is a rod’s length wide at most parts. It also proves to be a very productive stream for large Dolly Varden.

Remember that if you are coming to fish without a form of protection from bears, (preferably a firearm) then Russell Creek is your only safe place to fish. The open ground and lack of Alders at the fishing spots will give you some reassurance.

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