Alaska offers some of the best bird watching and is just as fulfilling. The resident seagulls, puffins, tundra swans, eagles, sandhill cranes, and short-eared owls will keep you company until the fall returns.

When fall is in full swing 130,000 Black Brant Geese alone (nearly the entire world’s population) come to Cold Bay to bulk up for their journey. Other game birds like the Harlequin, King Eider, and famed Emperor Goose show their face in the lagoons and coves, making your trip to Cold Bay truly worthwhile.

Ptarmigan in nest


Many waterfowl are found in Cold Bay making it a prime spot for waterfowl hunting in Alaska. The jewel of Cold Bay is the Black Brant Goose. However, other sea ducks like the Harlequin and King Eiders reside here as well.

When hunting for these magnificent “Bucket List” Birds, going through a guide or hunting lodge in Cold Bay is the way to go. The hunting guides in Cold Bay are some of the best.

Why get a hunting guide?

To follow the rules you must learn them first. This is where a guide will ease the process for you.

A hunting guide will make sure you target the correct birds. Cold Bay is a prime spot for over 200 bird species. It can be difficult for the untrained eye to tell which birds are fair game, and which are illegal to hunt. Check in with your guide about hunting around Cold Bay due to strict land rights and Native-owned property. It is also imperative you have the correct hunting license.

They are also a great resource while packing for your trip, guiding you on what type of gear to bring. Waterfowl hunting can require more gear than other types of hunting so make sure you are prepared.

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